• Project: Multi-Room Remodeling
  • Rating: 5.00/5.00
  • Project Time: Four Weeks
  • Comments: I am very pleased to write a review about Beyond Designs and remodeling. I am very happy with the work. Special Thanks to Mr. Parker and Yin. When I got a door hanger in Brooklyn, somehow I Saved till I bought a house in long island. I asked for initial consultation, Kevin was very prompt and went over every detail of what we needed for remodeling our kitchen and living room. He is the only builder who gives more than 50 references. I spoke to some and everyone was very happy with his work. The whole team was professional. They came everyday and took care of remodeling. The timeline was maintained and in no time it was ready. They kept their word and stood by us till all appliances delivered. I am very impressed and glad I chose Beyond Designs. Even I got my other floor replaced by bamboo flooring by them. Kevin never pressurized about Money, his focus was getting the job done in right way and in right time. That is a great quality. I am thankful to Beyond Designs and entire team. I would highly recommend Beyond Designs and remodeling to anyone for stress free and high quality remodeling.