• Project: Bathroom, Kitchen, and Multi-Room Remodeling
  • Rating: 5.00/5.00
  • Project Time: Six Weeks
  • Comments: I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Kevin and his staff for the magnificent job they did in renovating my condo. I had hired many contractors over the years but never to do anything this extensive. I always approached any renovation job regardless of how small with a lot of anxiety and apprehension. Iam one of those people who do a lot of research first, interview 4-7 contractors, read reviews ( if any) and then make my decision, cross my fingers and hope for the best.I had a huge renovation job that I needed to have done in a relatively short timespan. Every room in my condo had to be redone, and frankly, the magnitude and scope of the project were leaving me with a lot of sleepless nights. As is my mojo, I interviewed several candidates and was left feeling even more anxious. A few I had to call 2-3 times to request their estimate if they came to survey. Still, others failed even to return my call. Of the ones that did provide an estimate, the costs were all in the same money range, so it wasn’t a matter of selecting the highest or lowest bidder. It was quality and vision. For all of the contractors I interviewed before Kevin, I would need to still go out to Home Depot, Lowe’s or wherever to select the materials. Frankly, I didn’t have the time to go slepping around to design centers. Kevin has a one-stop showroom where I was able to pick out patterns, textures, color, and designs for my cabinets, flooring, tile walls and much more.What impressed my husband and me about Kevin immediately was his attention to detail, his presentation, and his confidence. Kevin has such a vast knowledge of how things should work, and his attention to detail made us feel so comfortable. He also pulled out his tablet and showed us job after job that he either just completed or was in the process of completing. Kevin drew up a rough outline of my floorplan and told us how he envisioned the outcome. He explained the work involved, how his staff would be solely dedicated to my job, and the timeframe. He did not hesitate to share with us a listing of over 130 of his customers (references) that we could call up to review whether they were satisfied with his work. I mean who does that! What I loved was that MY project would have a dedicated team lead by a project manager that would oversee the job from day one to completion. Most other contractors are juggling 2-3 different jobs, so they start yours, walk away, come back in a few days, and that is time and money wasted. Not with Kevin and his team. Kevin has multiple teams and he dedicates a team to each project. As this is a condo development, there are very strict HOA house rules, no work on Sat/Sun/holidays. Work can only be between 9-5 Mon through Friday. I don’t live in my condo and thus was not there daily to oversee, I left my trust to Kevin and his team, and I was not disappointed. For six weeks they came every day promptly. They worked soundlessly, and the workspace was left spotless. I have a second-floor condo unit and the unit owner on the first floor did not even know that people were working in my condo that is how quiet they were. Kevin came around a lot to inspect their work and progress and would keep me abreast of any situation that might prevent us from meeting our timeline.

    I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am, how much anxiety and worry Kevin took off my shoulders and if I could give Kevin 10 stars I would. You will not be disappointed. Kevin is very approachable, is very attentive, and very responsive. I was the one who many times were unreachable. There was a minor issue last week with the 3rd-floor unit owner’s apartment having some flooding problems, and I was so afraid it would cause damage to my newly renovated apartment. I called Kevin, and on a Friday night, at 4 PM he came from Brooklyn to Queens to survey our unit and assure us all was ok and if anything developed, not to worry he would handle. I can’t say enough good things about Kevin. Just hire his team, and you won’t regret your decision.