• Project: Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
  • Rating: 5.00/5.00
  • Project Time: Six Weeks
  • Comments: We felt very comfortable having BDR perform the work in our home and were happy with the end result of our condo. The unit we purchased is old and was not maintained well by the previous owner. The unit itself has peculiar construction which signaled to us that we would need a highly competent contractor in order to solve a lot of the issues that were bound to come up. From the consult, we were already able to tell that Kevin has a great deal of experience and higher level of professionalism compared to some other contractors we spoke with. Kevin is very helpful with any types of questions regarding construction, materials, finishes, or detailing. If you purchase your own materials like we did, I recommend that you ask Kevin up front regarding your choices as he is very knowledgeable and can offer pros and cons for your selection. The materials and finishes that we left to Kevin to select were excellent and look great. BDR was also especially key because they were able to complete the job in 5 weeks to meet our desired schedule, as opposed to other contractors who quoted us 8-12 weeks. They completed demo for our unit within two days, mainly due to their manpower resources.We were especially pleased with our foreman Yin and his crew. They were extra sensitive to some of our requests and Yin made it very clear that delivery of a quality product was most important to him. Any issues that we came up with, and Yin personally took care of them. If you get this guy, you are most certainly in luck. The relatively higher up front lump sum cost for hiring BDR was worth it in our opinion because we were certain to get banged up on change orders for itemized work with other contractors. Many bells and whistles involved with the work did not come across our minds, and Kevin was able to lump all the work into the original cost. Our first home gut renovation job was a learning experience and still had ups and downs, but Kevin and his crew mitigated it a great deal. Him and his team are very accessible and receptive, and are especially easy to reach using their text platform. We are already considering Kevin for other future renovation works, because we know quality product and a happy customer is what these guys care about.