• Project: Full House Remodeling
  • Rating: 5.00/5.00
  • Project Time: Four Months
  • Comments: First of all I would like to sincerely apologize publicly, to Beyond Designs for taking so long to give my review, things got in the way of me doing this review when my job was done. With that said, lets get into it. From the first time I made contact with Beyond Designs I was met with professionalism they took my appointment and within a day Kevin contacted me, he came over to our home when it was convenient to my family and I. When we sat down together, Kevin went through everything with us from top to bottom, he took the ideas we had and formed it into something magnificent. Kevin and his company turn my families house into a dream home the whole process from start to finish was smooth, they came in with a plan and executed it perfectly, these words cant express the transformation which took place, you can see my remodeling pics on Beyond Designs site. As this huge project was my first Kevin completed my entire 2family home in under 5 months considering the brutal winter we had his guys where there on time and working. I had my house warming on saturday, and the people that was there were people that knew the house before the remodel, they were absolutely blown away, they could not believe it, as one of them said “this is amazing you brought manhattan into Brooklyn”. I just bought another home, which needs fixing and Beyond Designs are the ones for this job as well, as long as Kevin and Beyond Designs are around, they will have all my jobs. I LOVE YOU BEYOND DESIGN. and I mean that. thank you again for drastically changing our lives.